• Become A Partner

    We’re your Partner, not proprietor, and we're bothered by the notion that Partnership has to mean sacrifice.

    Not with us. It’s time for a new way forward.

    Our Model

    You’ve built a successful business, a culture to be proud of, and a team you consider family. But where do you go from here? Growth is on your mind but its not without the challenge of access to capital or balancing the responsibilities of entrepreneurship with your chairside time.

    Do you sell to a ballooning corporation and have a boss for the first time?

    Do you seek private equity and the inherent imbalance between your contributions and their growth?

    Maybe you seek friends and family investment and be subject to calls from loved ones on how their money is doing?

    Or, do you have a conversation with us and learn how we’re reinventing what it means to be a Partner? The beauty of our model is that there isn’t just one. With us you can:

    Sell, stay and practice.

    Partner and lead your practice.

    Partner and build a group practice.

    Want to sell your practice and solely focus on dentistry? Sure thing. Want to partner your business and find a leadership role with us? Absolutely. Looking to scale your success regionally? We can help with that.

    Ready to Talk?

    Balance is the strength of our foundation.

    Joining Guardian Dentistry Partners means having an ownership stake which enables you to share equally in the growth of the network. Our doctors are our equity partners, empowered with tremendous upside. We are your co-pilot on this journey. You decide the destination, we’ll support you along the way.

    We believe family businesses are best served by other family businesses.

    Our founders are a group of passionate dentists and a family office dedicated to serving our team with integrity and transparency.

    Being family-owned means that your culture matters, and we are here to preserve it.

    Our promise to our Partners is to forge a path to success together. We’ll do this by committing to:

    Financial Transparency

    Personalized Partnership Evolution

    Thoughtful Transitions

    Proportionate Wealth Creation

    Support Services

    Let us take the back-office headache off your plate so you can focus on your dreams and what energizes you every morning.

    Human Resources

    • Recruiting
    • Payroll Management
    • General HR Leadership (policies, procedures, support)
    • Learning, Development, Training and Continuing Education

    Finance and Accounting

    • Accounts Payable and Bill Pay
    • Treasury Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Reporting and Analytics

    Revenue Cycle and Insurance Operations

    • Credentialing
    • UCR Analytics/Pricing Strategy
    • Insurance Analysis and Negotiations
    • Insurance Verification and Eligibility
    • Claims and Collections

    Practice Operations

    • Mentorship and Support for Practice or Regional Support Team
    • Facilities and Equipment Support
    • Schedule Support


    • Reputation Management
    • Web Development
    • Digital Marketing
      • Online Scheduling
      • Search Engine Optimization
    • Patient Communications
    • Community Outreach

    Information Technology

    • Practice Support
    • Hardware/Software Management
    • Security
    • Tele-Dentistry

    Business Development

    • Pipeline Strategy
    • Deal Sourcing
    • Partnership Development

    Supply Chain

    • Ordering
    • Supply Management and Efficiencies
    • Lab Management and Efficiencies
    • Vendor Negotiations

    Legal and Compliance

    • Legal Contract Support
    • General Counsel Support
    • Regulatory Compliance Support