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    Dr. Gary Adams



    Dr. Adams is an accredited member of the IAOMT and an expert in the IAOMT.org Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

    Dr. Adams understands the impact dentistry has on overall health and therefore uses materials that are as safe and as biocompatible as possible for his patients. Dr. Adams uses metal-free restorations only including zirconia crowns and porcelain filling materials. “Every material placed into the mouth has an impact on our system,” says Dr. Adams…”We should select the one with the smallest and safest impact possible.” “Many of our patients do not know we are a holistic dental practice,” and they do not need to know. “My job is to restore dental health” and do so in a manner that will improve overall health.”

    Gary Adams DDS received his undergraduate degree from The University of Virginia in biochemistry. Dr. Adams was in the “distinguished majors” program where he did research in the areas of NeuroBiology and Molecular Pharmacology. Dr. Adams received his Doctoral of Dental Surgery degree from The University of Maryland Dental School in 2000. Dr. Adams completed a clerkship in treating medically compromised and special needs also at The University of Maryland Dental School concurrent with his last 2 years of training. Dr. Adams completed a dental anesthesiology residency at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA where he learned how to sedate patients using IV sedation dentistry. Gary Adams DDS has also trained at the Dawson Academy which is an advanced educational facility focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ/TMD, occlusal problems, cosmetic dentistry, clenching and grinding problems, and teeth wear problems. Dr. Adams also has completed a certification course for treating orthodontic and orthognathic problems with appliances including the ALF and DNA Appliances. Such treatments have been shown to be very effective in treating sleep apnea, airway, and TMJ/TMD problems. Infact, Dr. Adams has learned that there is a major link between TMJ, sleep apnea, and the airway. These later treatments are a major specialty area of the practice.

    To date Dr. Gary Adams has placed and/or restored over 4000 successful implants. Many of these implants over the past 10 years have been zirconia implants.

    Dr. Adams has been practicing dentistry since 1999 and is a former co-founder of Natural Dentist Associates located in the city of Rockville, Maryland.