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    Dr. Noah Levi



    Dr. Noah Levi started his practice with the belief that dentistry, while rooted in health care science, has an equally important artistic side.

    It is the opportunity to combine both that continues to motivate Dr. Levi. “I deliver the best quality aesthetic and long-term health outcome for my patients while focused on providing everyone with the most comfort in the fewest number of visits,” says Dr. Levi.

    As his dental practice has evolved and grown, the one thing that has remained constant is Dr. Levi’s commitment to family. “The most important thing in the world to me is my family. And I consider all my patients and the great people I work with part of my family. Which is why I named my practice My Family Dental. I come to work every day happy to have my big extended family helping each other smile.”

    Dr. Levi, a devoted husband and father of five, enjoys golfing, skiing, playing with the kids, and community activities. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Michigan Dental Association, the Detroit District Dental Society, and the Alpha Omega dental fraternity. He routinely takes continuing education courses to keep up with the latest dental developments, and he is a graduate of the Anterior Aesthetics Program, Pacific Anterior Aesthetic Program, and the Pacific Posterior Aesthetic Program.

    Dr. Sam Kleitches: Sam J. Kleitches DDS | Charlotte, NC
    I’ve been practicing since ‘89, and my top priority has always been the care of my patients. The Guardian partnership allows me to focus on my patient care, maintain the highest standards of dentistry, and do the work that I love without the stresses that come with running a business.– Dr. Kleitches
    Dr. Jake Moon: Savannah Dental Care| Aubrey, TX.
    I can keep doing what I’m doing while working toward partnership.– Dr. Jake Moon
    Dr. Yu: Carp Dental | Philadelphia, PA
    Guardian is different. They recognize potential and award partnership benefits right away.– Dr. Yu
    Drs. Hisham Barakat, Sanae Berrada, Uzma Ansari | Virginia
    Our initial and continued partnership with GDP has exceeded our expectations. We used to dream about the success we’re having as a group now. This has truly been a transformational experience in so many ways for everyone on our team.– Hisham Barakat
    Drs. Amit Ganglani, Joti Johal, Thayer Bouali, and Richard Dunning: Fresh Dental | Charlotte Metro
    We’ve always had a clear vision of what our Fresh Dental brand could become. Guardian has helped us focus on bringing that vision to life. We’ll be building new practices, adding great partner practices to our team across our region, and continuing to grow our legacy business. We’re so excited for what’s to come.– Dr. Joti Johal