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    Dr. Steven Polevoy


    New York

    Dr. Steven Polevoy has been one of the top Harrison dentists for almost 20 years. His training in all aspects of general dentistry and many specialized fields allows him to provide top quality dental care.

    Our Harrison dental practice gets consistently rave reviews from our patients, and Dr. Polevoy is a major part of that accomplishment.

    “I had a lot of dental problems growing up, so I know what our patients have to go through”, says Dr. Polevoy. “We always go the extra mile to ensure our patients’ comfort. Every day, we make sure that we live up to our name, and treat our patients with the gentlest touch. Whether it’s making sure they are seen on time, to painless treatment, to late night phone calls to check up on them after a difficult procedure – we are always there for them.”